Package holidays

Trolley and canoe three days

Package number: 1904

You are always close to a beautiful forest lane or a sparkling lake to take a dip in! Wild and beautiful scenery, with comfortable accommodation and good food!

Trolley and canoe two days

Package number: 1905

Pass idyllic bathing lakes and varied beautiful woods! You get unforgettable memories!

Bike, hiking, canal ride and some luxury! 5 days

Package number: 1911

A varied trip on nice bike paths, hiking in beautiful cultural landscapes and a nice canal trip! All this mixed with some luxury at Baldersnäs Manor!
Of course we drive your luggage all stretches!

5 days along the Dalsland Canal

Package number: 1912

Experience Dalsland's wild and beautiful landscape along the canal in many different ways! Enjoy everything you see, and rest on good accommodations with good food as the day is over!

Riding and Dalsland Canal, 3 days

Package number: 1916

Three lovely days of horseback riding in wild and beautiful nature, comfortable accommodation with good food and a fantastic boat trip on the Dalsland canal!

Trot day and boat trip 3 days

Package number: 1918

An exciting day on the track! Experience the horse's forces from sulky! Stay comfortable, eat well and spend a lovely day on the canal of Vänern or Dalsland!

Golf and boat trip

Package number: 1919

Enjoy golf in beautiful nature, and end with a lovely boat trip along the Dalsland Canal or in the Lake Vänern archipelago!

Conference with sun and bath

Package number: 1920

Combine your conference with relaxing by the pool, and enjoy the sun on the indoor sandy beach!

Bus / Group trip 1 day

Package number: 1921

Experience a day in Dalsland with lots of culture and crafts, and of course with good food in a beautiful setting!

Bus / Group trip 2 days

Package number: 1923

Experience two days in Dalsland filled with culture, crafts, canal and good food! All surrounded by a breathtaking scenery!

Bus / Group trip 3 days

Package number: 1925

In three days you get a lot from Dalsland's beautiful landscape! Culture, crafts, herb garden and ending a wonderful boat trip on Dalslands Canal! Everything blended with good food, good accommodation and everything with a fantastic nature right next door!

Bus / Group trip 4 days

Package number: 1926

During these days in Dalsland you will experience a lot of culture, crafts, etc. Learn about the plants in the herb garden and air the lungs during a fantastic boat trip on Dalsland's canal and maybe clap one of the kings of the forest! Of course with good food and a wild and beautiful nature upstairs!

Dalsland on bike-A challenge! 7 days

Package number: 1929

This package is a challenge for those who are used to biking longer distances! It is beautifully landscaped, and you pass many lakes that allow you to cool down if you want!
The accommodations after the road are varied! Hotel with indoor pool, country hostel for hotel in city environment!
Of course we drive your luggage all stretches!

Deer hunt in Dalsland’s wild nature, 4 days

Package number: 1931

In Dalsland's wild nature there is the opportunity to hunt in the real wilderness and with plenty of wildlife! Dalsland is known as "a miniature Sweden" and the fields are hilly with exploded fields that give the game plenty of food!

Moose hunt in Dalsland, 4 days

Package number: 1932

In Dalsland's wild nature, find the opportunity to chase in the real wilderness and what is more wild than our biggest, The Moose! When we hunt moose, we do it with hunting dogs and experienced hunting guides!

By bike 4 days in Norway

Package number: 1934

During these days you will experience a part of Norway's beautiful nature by bike!
An amazing boat trip along the beautiful Halden Canal also provides an unforgettable experience!