Experience Dalsland's wild and beautiful landscape along the canal in many different ways! Enjoy everything you see, and rest on good accommodations with good food as the day is over!

Day 1

You will arrive in Bengtsfors in the morning, and at the train station you will have an single trolley, where one treadle and one sit beside. You then go north and after about 7 km you can park the trolleys and walk up to Egersknatten, about 2.5 km of easy road. Here you are invited to a wonderful view of the lakes and forests of the landscape! Highly recommended! You will then continue with the trolleys to the small village Gustavsfors, where you spend the night at Roynes Sjömagasin, which is beautifully accommodation in the guest harbor. Here you also have a good dinner in the evening!

Day 2

After a nice breakfast, you will have your lunch pack, and the canoe is waiting outside! Today you paddle south into Lake Lelång, back to Bengtsfors. It’s a great stretch, and you can stop wherever you want to stretch your legs and have lunch. In Bengtsfors you live at the First Hotel with an outdoor pool and three-course dinner, or at Hotell Hemgården and have dinner on your own.

Day 3

First breakfast, then you get lunch packs and bicycles at Hotel Hemgården. You cycle along Dalsland’s canal towards Billingsfors, and then on to Baldersnäs Herrgård where you spend the night in the wings of the beautiful park. Before you settle down, it is recommended to continue about 5 km to the Skärbo Nature Reserve, which offers various long fine hiking trails. At Baldersnäs you can take a stroll in the English Park and visit the craft boutiques in the area. In the evening you have a good dinner in the mansion restaurant!

Day 4

First a good manor breakfast, then you will have lunch packet for the day. You then cycle along the “Beautiful City Road”, from Baldersnäs to Skållerud. You get a map with you, and there are several nice pause spots marked. The goal of this day is Skållerud Farm, where you have dinner and overnight. Here you can take a look at Skållerud’s old beautiful church, located across the road.

Day 5

After you have breakfast, you continue to Håverud to board any of the canal boats! You get a great trip through the famous aqueduct and through 16 locks. Dalsland’s canal is lined with a lush nature, and during the trip you are served a good lunch on board! After about five hours you will arrive to Bengtsfors!
Of course we drive your luggage all stretches!