Experience a day in Dalsland with lots of culture and crafts, and of course with good food in a beautiful setting!

We start with morning coffee in place that fits, depending on where you come from. Here is also your guide.
Then we go to Fengersfors, where we visit Not Quite. It is the rich paper mill in Fengersfors, today run by craftsmen and artists, with a vision of a living art and culture center. The old mill now contains workshops for forging, ceramics, textiles and photo, all in a different industrial environment. There is also a small shop selling handcrafts. There is also a fantastic stone-baked bakery in the area, which sells the best baked goods, etc. Here you will get a guided tour of the area which takes about an hour.
After that we stop by the bus after just a few kilometers, at Fröskog’s beautiful old church. From the very beginning, the church was probably a stave church built in the 1300s, but today it is completely wood-clad. It was opened in 1730, and it is very interesting. The cemetery is adorned by fine forged graves, which testify to the former iron farm. Here you will get a guide in about 20-30 minutes.
We then go on to Baldersnäs Manor, where we have lunch in the beautifully decorated dining room, with a magnificent view of the park. Here you will have a good lunch, with coffee and cake afterwards.
After lunch we go to Bengtsfors. Here we start with a visit to Dahls Konfektyr, which has factory sales of its fresh candy at a good price. After that, we get up on Majberget, and have a wonderful view of Lake Lelång. Here we visit Halmen Hus with its exhibitions of straw, and shops, then we transfer to Gammelgården, which is an open-air museum and consists of about 20 old cottages, mostly from the 19th century and moved away. We are guided both in Halmen Hus and Gammelgården. Before we get back to the bus, we get afternoon coffee and a cake in the coffee shop.
Then it’s time to go home. Should you go south, you can put a stop on Dalsland Struts, just outside Färjelanda. Here you can look at the ostriches and farm activities, and shop little if you want. This visit depends a little on how far the day program may be.