Here you will have some wonderful days to relax, just a stone's throw from the canal boat, which will take you on an unforgettable trip.

First Hotel Bengtsfors, centrally located in Bengtsfors at the edge of Lake Lelången.
In Bengtsfors you can visit the open-air museum Gammelgården and Halmen Hus, the biggest Nordic museum with straw. There is also a boutique of high-quality handicrafts.
The canal boats depart from the quay at. 09.50, about 300 meters from the hotel, all days except sunday.
At the hotel you will stay in a double room with all comforts, and eat three-course dinner in the restaurant. The next morning after breakfast, you go to the canal boat for a trip of about 5 hours through 16 locks and across the famous aqueduct to Håverud. A good lunch is served on board.
You go by train back to Bengtsfors, and the train station is just above the hotel. You can also choose to take the canal boat on the day of arrival.