In Dalsland's wild nature there is the opportunity to hunt in the real wilderness and with plenty of wildlife! Dalsland is known as "a miniature Sweden" and the fields are hilly with exploded fields that give the game plenty of food!

Day 1, Thursday

Arrival and accommodation in Sjöladan which has 6 rooms / 8 beds. 
Insertion of rifles, viewing the hunting grounds and then serving 
a good dinner.

Day 2, Friday

In the morning there is breakfast in the fridge and then deer 
hunting awaits all day with dogs and good hunting guides, breaks 
are made for lunch. In the evening a nice dinner is served and for those who want, there is a possibility to try the wooded sauna 
down the lake!

Day 3, Saturday

Breakfast in the fridge in the morning, and then wait for your own deer hunt all day, with a break for lunch as staff come out with 
you. In the evening, an extra nice 3-course dinner is served as a 
finishing touch.

Day 4, Sunday

Even this day there is the breakfast in the fridge, and then awaits home travel.