Fill with fresh air and exciting experiences, among Dalsland's beautiful forests and countless lakes!

Day 1

You come to Silverlake Camp in Kråkviken for overnight and dinner. You easily sleep in small double rooms, sheets and towels are included, and you get a barbecue package as you grill yourself. The camp is beautifully located on Lake Västra Silen.

Day 2

After breakfast, you get bikes and packed lunches, and start to go to Baldersnäs with tall slopes, and eventually get rewarded with stunning views of forests and lakes, and long downhill runs. You also pass along the Laxsee, where you can take a dip.
At Baldersnäs Manor you will stay in rooms with all the comforts, in the nice wings located in the English park. In the evening, dinner (main course) is served in the restaurant in the mansion.
Please take time to look around in the beautiful park, and please also visit the nice shops of home and handicrafts.

Day 3

After breakfast you will have your lunch package, and start your trip to Skållerud. You cycle through Dals Långed and then on road 2218 called “Beautiful City Road”. Here are several nice picnic areas along the way, where you can enjoy your lunch package.
After about 33 km you arrive at Skålleruds Gård, where you are welcomed by the nice Dutch couple Jan and Yvonne.
Here you will be served dinner and you will stay in nice rooms with all the amenities.

Day 4

Be sure to visit Skållerud’s beautiful church from 1679, across the road, before you get off today. You will have lunch packages with you, and the first stop will be Dals Rostock, an old spa town where you can visit Örtagården with hundereds of herbs, the Hembygdsmuseum and Kerstin Ateljè.
Continue on a trip down the plains south of Mellerud, past Järn’s church, and visit Sunnanå Harbor before returning to Skållerud.
Dinner and overnight at Skållerud Farm.

Day 5

After breakfast, you will again have your lunch package, and take the road through Upperud towards Håverud, where you can visit Dalsland Center with the Glashyttan, Canalmuseum and walk over the famous aqueduct.
Then you continue along the winding and hilly road across Brudfjället, back to Baldersnäs. On the way you will also pass the small nature reserve at Högsbyn with its nice rock carvings. Here you can take a dip in the lake Råvarpen.
Dinner and overnight at Baldersnäs Herrgård.

Day 6

Last day, and after breakfast, and you have your lunch pack, you ride to Bengtsfors railway station, where you switch to a single trolley, for the last bit back to Silverlake Camp.