Enjoy being close to nature for two days! Treadly the trolley and paddle the canoe, live well and eat well!

Day 1

You start at the railway station in Bengtsfors, where a single trolley is waiting for you! One is treadle, and one sit beside! You going north, and after about 7 km you can park the trolley for a while and go for a nice hiking trail, about 2.5 km of easy road, up to Egersknatten! Here you are invited to a wonderful view of forests and lakes!
You will then continue with the trolley to the little village Gustavsfors! Here you stay at Roynes Sjömagasin, which is beautiful place in the guest harbor. Here you also have a good dinner in the evening!

Day 2

After breakfast, you bring your lunch pack and outside the canoe is waiting! Then you paddle Lake Lelång back to Bengtsfors!