Stretch yourself slowly through beautiful forests and sparkling lakes! Enjoying great measurements!

Day 1

At Bengtsfors railway station a single trolley is waiting for you. You going north and after about 7 km you can park the trolley and go for a nice hiking trail to Egersknatten with a wonderful view of forests and lakes.
Then continue with the trolley to the north to Gustavsfors. Here you spend the night at Roynes Sjömagasine in the guest harbor. Here you also have dinner.

Day 2

After you have breakfast, take your lunch package, and continue north to Årjäng. Here you put the trolley up and take the local bus back to Bengtsfors.
You can also choose to start with bus in Bengtsfors, up to Årjäng, and then you have a trolley back to Bengtsfors.