Bus / Group trip 1 day

Package number: 2021

Experience a day in Dalsland with lots of culture and crafts, and of course with good food in a beautiful setting!

Bus / Group trip 2 days

Package number: 2023

Experience two days in Dalsland filled with culture, crafts, canal and good food! All surrounded by a breathtaking scenery!

Bus / Group trip 3 days

Package number: 2025

In three days you get a lot from Dalsland's beautiful landscape! Culture, crafts, herb garden and ending a wonderful boat trip on Dalslands Canal! Everything blended with good food, good accommodation and everything with a fantastic nature right next door!

Bus / Group trip 4 days

Package number: 2026

During these days in Dalsland you will experience a lot of culture, crafts, etc. Learn about the plants in the herb garden and air the lungs during a fantastic boat trip on Dalsland's canal and maybe clap one of the kings of the forest! Of course with good food and a wild and beautiful nature upstairs!